UNFOLDING FIGURE – Venice Biennale 2016

Campo pisani

12-26th June 2016,
Site specific creation during Venice Biennale
Application are open for dancers:  http://www.labiennale.org/en/dance/collegedance/

The work is based on a movement practice considering all that is moving: attention, sensation, imagination, not only visible moves. It plays with: De-prioritize the body organization / redistributing stillness and mobility, stability and instability / engaging in dancing as a state of production, and reception at the same time. Working with the idea of Postures as containers (collecting resonances on many levels, sensorial, imaginary, symbolic…) inviting a deep engagement in physicality and attention.


Diffusion – Touring – Information
Jérôme Pique


T.: +33(0)6 22 23 63 38